Igrice za Decu 450 vam pruza besplatne online igrice. Svakog dana dodajemo 450 novih igara. Uzivajte u najboljim online igricama.

Throwing water balloons in the office in this light hea…

Target Practise with a twist - the targets are hanging …

Shoot David Blaine
Shoot down this celebrity/magician while he swings abov…

The Jet Pack Escaper Cape…
Saddm Hussein planned to escape from US Prisoner Camp -…

Shoot down the enemies using the heli

It is AA-Gun versus the Helicopter

Samurai Jack
Play as Samurai jack to infiltrate enemy base

Power Fox
A unique 2 player fighting games with funny opponents a…

Alien Clones
Attack the enemy walker in this fast pace game

Snowball Warrior
Beat all opponents to dominate the snowball war in Snow…

A vairation of classic Moon-Lander game. This time the …

3D Space Skimmer
Fly around space

110m Hurdles
Race in this 110M Hurdles track and field event

dc8p Fishwater Challenge
Collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. Be caref…

Silly Golf
play mini golf on your desktop

This is a game where you need to jump most of the time.…

Galactic Tennis
Play air hocket with alien races

Beer Golf
Mini Golf with beer bottle as obstacles

Ultimate Flash Sonic
Pick from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Cream in this fast …

Insane Orb EX
Use your paddle to deflect the ball

In The land Of pumpkin
Use pumkins to blast the rocks which block you way to y…

Demonic Defense 3
Defense the castle against modern weapons using spell

Cable Capers 2
Help Arnold the Cable Fitter escape from underground as…

Sonic Trip
A platform game wusing character from the Sonic series

Click on the balls and let them disappear.

Memory Trial
Memory game where you have to flip the same pair of car…

The Tower of Hanoi
Move the pile to another location. Click on a number to…

Mood Match
A 6x6 memory game

Flash Mind
Flash version of the Master Mind game

Flash Chess 3D
3D Flash Chess with great AI opponent

Play the role of a Ronin in this Japanese Anime style R…

Lust For Bust
Look into the chest but don't get acight!

Build a Face
Build your own "face"

3D Roll On
A 3D game that test your mouse control skill - guide th…

Ant Ken-Do
Try to forced your opponent into the water in this japa…

War Games
This is a war games using paintball gun - you have to g…